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Things to Consider Before Buying a Property in a Neighborhood

Purchasing a Home in Kenya is a long term and a life time investment; there are many things that one needs to consider. What makes a particular neighborhood perfect for you? One needs to take more time to discover and explore different neighborhoods.  There are many ways one can check the rhythm of a community; conversations to people living in that community or neighbors can give you a taste of what is like to live in a particular neighborhood.

Here some of the Things to Consider Before Buying a Property in a Neighborhood.

1. Is it a new area or the one that is still developing
You need to do a thorough research, is the area is a proposed area for development, or an area that is developing. Consider the development plans of the area. How is it structured?  Consider other factors such as crime rate, proposed or new businesses that are emerging in the neighborhood.  

2. What’s near the neighborhood?
Once you have identified your home to be, you would also like to consider what is near the neighborhood. You need to consider what’s important to you in your future neighborhood. One should keep in mind, how far are the stores; chemists, malls and other essential facilities from your home. How far are the open grounds? This makes it easy to have a walk while tired, or take your children to relax and socialize and mingle with the other people in the neighborhood.

3. Schools Nearby
Sometimes even if you do not have children going to school, you would like to consider which schools are nearby. How far are they from your home? How are they performing?  Are there any kindergartens nearby? How is their rating? This is very important to those families that are still young or bringing up children as some parents prefer taking their children to schools that are near their home. Start your research by visiting Elimu Centre

4. Safety

One needs to consider the safety of the neighborhood. How safe is the neighborhood? Are the streets well lit? How are the walkways? How is the security system? Are there any signs of vandalism? You can easily see some of these and make a judgment on what to expect. Do a research on what has been happening in that neighborhood.  If it is a gated community how is the security? Is there someone who monitors who enters and gets out? Are there any surveillance system?

5. Distance from Work
How far is the neighborhood from your place of work? Many people like to work near their place of residence. Determine how long it will take you to drive to work. You can do a test on a normal day by driving to and from the neighborhood to gauge the time putting in mind the traffic and other factors. Explore other modes of transport to the area. Are there other means of transport to the neighborhood?