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Property in Kenya

Kenya is a country that is growing very fast and is a popular tourist destination in Africa to relax with the friendly people, enjoy the sun throughout the year as well as view wildlife, especially to view the seventh wonder of the world; Wildebeest Migration in Masai Mara Game Reserve. The country is gifted with natural beauty, spectacular scenery and plenty of rare and amazing flora and fauna. Kenya is a business hub of East Africa and thus demand of Property in Kenya is on the rise.

Kenya’s property sector has attracted investors all over the world, and the real estate has continued to flourish day in day out. The investors are seeking for a destination to invest and are investing into the lodges in the form of commercial lodges for tourists to spend their nights as well in the capital cities and Indian Ocean. They invest where people can relax while on holiday or after a long years work. Some purchase property in the coastal area as a retirement destination but most of the investors get into property as a commercial venture.

Nairobi, which is the capital city of Kenya has grown over the years to become East and Central Africa’s business and financial hub. Many international organizations have set their foot in the capital city and its environments. They have sought for property in Nairobi as well as its environs in order to put up offices or commercial buildings. The investors within Kenya and outside also are looking for new areas where they can put their money and Property in Kenya is the best deal. Houses for sale in Nairobi or houses for rent in Nairobi are highly sought as it is a cosmopolitan city serving as the regional headquarters for some of the world’s largest corporations.

Many people are highly interested in buying a house in Kenya with the main aim of renting it out to expatriates, businessmen who are looking for privacy and home away from home as well as to tourists both residents and non residents who are visiting the country but do not want to stay in hotels. They usually anticipate rent them out on the high seasons which usually happens between July to September and December to February when the hotels and lodges are fully booked. Some purchase property hold onto it in anticipation of selling it at a later date in the future or developing it.

At the same time most people are moving away from staying in hotels to staying in Apartments, Villas and houses where they can stay with their families comfortably.

When it comes to property in Kenya, there are very many amazing areas where one can invest. These include Nairobi and its environs, the coastal region where it has beautiful white sandy beaches stretching over 500km along the Indian Ocean, as well as emerging areas where property is in demand.
With the rise of the middle class and good business opportunities in the country, there has been a high demand and an increase for houses for sale in Kenya over the past years.

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