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Nairobi Property

Kenya is at times known as the “cradle of humanity.” It is in Kenya where the fossils of the ancestors were first found.  It is a land of great opportunities. A safari to Kenya will make you want to come back again and again. It has abundant wildlife, birdlife, beautiful scenery and hospitable people. Tourism and horticulture have become major foreign exchange earners for the country, rivaling the tea industry.

The Real Estate has not been left behind, especially Nairobi Property and properties in other parts of the country. Real estate in Nairobi was initially only for the luxury market segment but in the recent years it shows the middle income segment is also rising very fast.

Foreigners normally desire the residential area within an arc covering the south west up to the north east of Nairobi, the capital city. There has been a rise in demand for accommodations within secure compounds and areas within the city where the basic utilities are available.

The Nairobi Property Market can be divided into two categories, owner-occupier buyers and the other is the investors and speculators, where mostly the wealthy individuals and institutions lie.

Foreigners can freely buy ‘commercial class’ land in Kenya where the land is mainly for income or revenue-making purposes.

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